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Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy can help!

Triggerpoint therapy works out the knots from long hours at the computer, athletic training, recovery and prevention of injuries and pain.  The style of triggerpoint therapy I do is just working out all of the knots as compared to other types of triggerpoint therapy that base their work on referral patterns. 

Triggerpoints are caused by repetitive movements or lack of movement in an area that result in the muscle becoming a tightened band of muscle and connective tissue which results in a lack of circulation to the area, causing pain and restricted movements. 

When other types of massage fail to remedy the situation, triggerpoints are often the cause.  Read more about triggerpoint therapy.

Deep tissue massage is working with the deeper muscles of the body that are responsible for posture and alignment. It works best for conditions where your ability to move is restricted by the tight muscles and joints. It isn't necessarily applying deep, strong pressure.  You don't create pain to heal pain.  Finding the right amount of pressure is an art and requires close communication with you at all times to obtain the best outcomes.

Deep tissue massage may leave you feeling a bit sore the next day so I recommend icing and self care.  Follow up sessions are advised to keep your muscles in shape for your work and daily living activities.

When people say that they can stand more pressure, it may be a result of an overworked nervous system.  Read more about deep tissue massage therapy.

Long hours at the computer and fun filled weekends can result in tight muscles, stress and even injuries or pain. Pain and Stress can drain you in many ways - both physically and mentally/emotionally. Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy can directly address your pain issues and bring relief both physically and mentally allowing you to be your best! It can also help you attain peak performance in any sports that you participate in - from Track and Field, Triathlons or for the weekend Golfer and cyclist.

My forte is working with hard to figure out problems - back and neck pain, herniated discs, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, plantar fasciitis and muscle pain from sitting at the computer.Getting regular weekly massage can help to prevent injuries and reduce pain.  Wellness massage is an important part of staying healthy both physically and mentally. Learn more about my services and rates.

Wellness massage focuses on relieving stress and getting you back into your body again. Massage helps you to reconnect with your inner source of being by helping you to take the time to feel yourself again. Getting a regular weekly massage can do wonders for relieving pain and getting you back on track. After the initial pain is reduced, getting massage once every 2-4 weeks can help keep it away. Pain can affect your work and family life by making you feel just miserable. Relieving that pain can bring back more joy and happiness to your life.

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To Your Health!
Julie Onofrio, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
License #MA00004357