COVID-19 and Your massage session

At City Center Massage, my mission is to provide the best support for your health at all times.   With the concerns of COVID-19 I am currently choosing to stay open to provide the community with massage therapy in this stressful time.  My office uses hospital grade cleaning supplies to clean everything in the massage room and waiting room.  I have a sink available for you to wash your hands when you arrive or you can use the restroom in the hallway. Of course there is always a risk of getting this virus with anything you do or anywhere you go but all precautions are being taken to reduce this risk.

I have not encountered any client or any person/situation where an active case of COVID-19 has been found to my knowledge.  I ask that you be COVID-19 free also as far as you know.  I will ask you about it when you arrive. 

If you receive a massage from me and later find yourself sick with any sort of virus/cold, please let me know.  I will do the same. 

There may come a time where it is mandated that I close my business. Rest assured I will be back!  My online scheduling system will be updated accordingly.