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Supervision for Massage Therapists

Individual Supervision Sessions are also available and are recommended for massage therapists who are serious about their business and practices. It is a way to get the support that you need to deal with the many issues that come up in the practice of massage.

Supervision is the process of taking a deeper look at the issues that you are faced with on a daily basis.

Supervision provides an effective approach to improving one's own professionalism which is one of the keys to being a successful massage therapist. It provides a sounding board for massage therapists to discuss and reflect on their own vision and values and integrate them into a massage practice.

Meeting regularly (about every three weeks or once a month) is advised to receive the full benefits of support. Getting regular support usually leads to a renewed confidence in yourself and skills as a massage therapist. The more support you are able to get for yourself, the more you are able to support clients through their processes of healing and dealing with pain.

The word supervision is confusing and many think it is someone telling you what to do. It is not about that at all. Supervision is about whatever you need at the moment. It is about taking a deeper look at the issues that often come with being in the helping professions. It can help you in creating clear boundaries which is how you support yourself and take care of yourself. Burnout can be reduced when you are able to get the support that you need to help others.

The therapeutic relationship is at the heart of supervision. Learning about your role as a massage therapist and some of the underlying reasons of why you help can be enlightening. It is a place to process the day to day goings on that you are faced with. In sharing your stories, you will feel less isolated and more supported.

Supervision groups are also offered and one is starting in March 2014.

Individual Sessions are $85 per hour, $130 for one and a half hours. You can contact me for more information or schedule online. (Click the orange button and schedule under the Supervision/Consultations Time.

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