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Massage For Back Pain

Getting regular massage (once a week or every other week) can greatly reduce back and neck pain of many different kinds.   In general, most back pain is usually related to tight muscles of the back and neck.   This mild to moderate tension can lead to more severe health issues such as herniated discs, which massage can also help.

Myofascial triggerpoints are often the cause of many cases of back and neck pain.  These are the 'knots' or ropy feeling muscles that may even refer pain to other parts of the body.

Back pain can be anything from overdoing it in the garden or the weekend hike to pain from sitting at the computer too much and too long.  It can also be from trauma such as a fall or a more severe injury like a car accident or injury at work. 

It can be that "I am stiff and sore when I wake up in the morning and get out of bed" type of pain.  That can be due to many different things - bad sleeping positions with pillows that are too high or not high enough or sagging mattresses. 

Or the pain of sitting at the computer all day - under stress with many deadlines, software issues, office politics and communications problems all around you. 

Our bodies were meant to move.  When you move, your body gets feedback from what it is doing.  It also gets nourishment from blood supply that gets circulated with movement.  Sitting stationery at your desk all day or even working at a standing desk is still really just about you not moving.  Getting up and moving is really the answer more combined with a good desk set up that is comfortable.

There is back and neck pain associated with arthritis and diseases like fibromyalgia.  Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) can cause pain because the muscles are imbalanced and working to try to support the body more because the spine is out of alignment.  The muscles have to work harder but they can also be conditioned more to help.

Muscles get tight usually because they are too weak to do the job that you are asking them to do.  While sitting at the desk may not seem so strenuous, it does take it's toll because of the amount of time spent not moving.  Tight muscles are also weak muscles meaning that they are not working efficiently to hold your body in position.

There is also plenty of research that shows that back and neck pain is greatly reduced and relieved with massage.

If you experience pain that is gripping and severe when lifting or moving, see your doctor first.  If you have symptoms of pain or tingling down your leg or to your foot, see your doctor first.  If you have symptoms of loss of bladder control or unable to lift your leg/foot, go to the emergency room asap.

Getting regular weekly massage can get you on your way to less pain, more freedom of movement as well as helping you to feel happier!

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