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REAL Massage Therapy in Seattle/WA

REAL massage is massage that is given by Responsible, Ethical, Accountable, and Licensed Massage Therapists.  (REAL Massage is the concept of the American Massage Therapy Association WA Chapter - see

Massage is therapeutic and relaxing but it also has become a haven for prostitutes to hide behind the concept of massage.  Massage therapists are trained and licensed in the state of WA and are licensed as health care providers. 

Prostitutes and the many TV dramas like the Client List have made it difficult and confusing for consumers of massage.  Many may believe that happy endings are now a part of professional massage when of course they are not. 

There is just no other way to say this but Happy Endings are illegal acts of prostitution.  You will be arrested and jailed for getting one. 

The Police are actually cracking down on such illegal places using massage for a front for prostitution.  Just recently in Yakima , 6 spas were closed down.  See Yakima Herald - Yakima cops close 6 Asian massage parlors, arrest Sept 7 2014. 

Asian spas/massage places are often the culprit although not all Asian Massage is doing this.  Asian Massage is a legit form of massage that is getting a bad name by so many being associated with the illegal type of massage being done in these places. 

Foot Massage Spas add to the problems

Foot Massage Spas have also been a problem in WA State.  Many of them were operating illegally in WA under the idea that they were only massaging feet.  Most often these foot spas offer $25 or even less for their massage for feet.  They also usually do massage on the rest of the body through the clothes. The people giving massage at these places were unlicensed and providing massage illegally.   That means that they are untrained in the art and science of massage and pose a risk to the public.  The do not screen people for diseases and conditions that may be contraindicated making it a risk to get a massage there.

Last year, the WA State Board of Massage made it so people giving foot massage had to also now get a massage license and receive proper training from an approved massage school.  Check to see if the foot massage spa you are going to has licensed massage therapists.  Their licenses should be on the wall!  You can also check with the WA State Board of Massage Provider Credential Search

Make Sure you are getting a REAL massage!  The license number of legitimate massage therapists should also be on every website and every marketing brochure.

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