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Seattle Massage Schools - The Scoop on Local Schools

There are many Seattle Massage Schools but there used to actually be a school by that exact name - Seattle Massage School.  It was around in the late 70's/80's and was bought by a few different companies finally ending up in the hands of Everest Colleges which is owned by Corinthian Colleges. Corinthian supposedly has an agreement with Massage Envy to supply them directly with employees.  The thing though to remember is that this franchise is getting to be known as the Walmart of the Massage Profession, providing low cost massage more on an assembly line style of business.  The starting pay at the franchises usually starts at about $12-$15 an hour.

Another thing to keep in mind with the massage franchises in Seattle is that if they are not owned by a massage therapist, they are operating illegally.  This also goes for the many different spas and clinics in the area that are not owned by massage therapists.  There is a statute law in WA that says that only a Health Care provider can own a Health care business.  Massage therapists can own a massage business and Chiropractors or other health care professionals with a higher degree can also own a massage business.

Cortiva, Seattle Massage School is another well-known massage school in Seattle.  It actually used to be two schools that merged when purchased by Cortiva in about 2005.  They were the Brenneke School of Massage and the Brian Utting School of Massage.  Both schools were independently owned and operated and were outstanding schools built through the hard work and dedication of their owners, Heida Brenneke and Brian Utting.  Currently, Cortiva is owned by Steiner Education which is the also the owner of the cruise ship lines.  Cruise ship jobs may seem like an intriguing and exciting line of work, but they are also very demanding and taxing.  You will be doing long hours of massage and confined to the ships doing massage. 

There are only a few independently owned Seattle massage schools left.   Ananda Massage Training and School in Mount Lake Terrace is one of them.  It is owned by Dari Lewis, a long time massage therapist and advocate for the massage profession.  She formerly was the sole educator at the Renton School of Massage.  Her focus is on teaching to various learning styles so that everyone can understand the same information.

Discovery Point School of Massage is on Capital Hill in the Seattle area and was started and is owned by Pat Archer who was a well-known massage teacher at the Brenneke Massage School.  She is also an athletic trainer and author of Massage for Sports Health Care, The workbook for a self study video course from Human Kinetics, and Therapeutic Massage in Athletics, published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. Her newest endeavor co-authored with Lisa Nelson is Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Manual Therapist.

Becoming a Massage Therapist in WA State

Massage in WA State is regulated by the WA State Board of Massage Therapy.  To become a massage therapist in WA, you will need to go to school for a minimum of 500 hours of training and pass the state board exam.  You can find more information on the Board of Massage Website. You will need to attend and approved massage school and complete your course of study.

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