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Accept Cash, Credit Cards, HSA Cards, FSA Cards, Apple and Google Pay using Square app. 

No insurances accepted. 

Insurance Coverage for Massage Therapy

I am no longer accepting ANY Insurance.

The increased costs of doing business along with the low allowable fees and restrictions on sessions such as prior authorizations  has made it impossible to continue on as a provider with any health insurance company.  I also am not accepting any claims from motor vehicle collisions.  

If you are unable to find a massage therapist near your work or near  your home, please contact your insurance company and tell them that.  Also contact the Office of the Insurance Commissioner and make a formal complaint.  

Insurance carriers are supposed to provide an adequate network of providers for you to see.  If they are not doing that, they will be reprimanded and fined.  

Out of Network Coverage

Some insurance carriers may have out of network coverage.  I can provide a receipt through my account which I use to take credit cards for you to submit to the insurance company.  You will still need to meet their requirements for payment like having a prescription, diagnois code and possibly pre-authorization. (I am unable to obtain preathorization as I am out of network)

You will need to fill out forms with your insurance company and follow the directions.

Regence Blue Shield Form

Premera Blue Cross 

Kaiser Permanente

United Healthcare 

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