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Resources For LMP's in Washington State

Massage Insurance Billing - What you need to know in order to bill insurance in WA. WA State is unique in that massage therapists are able to bill health insurance.

Local Meetups!   Join me on NW LMP Support Group for CE classes, coffee, support, networking, brainstorming, masterminds and more.

Massage Practice Builder - My website on how to build your ideal massage business.

Websites that Work - Learn how to get Your Website to Work for You! (Ebook)

Find CE Classes:

CME Calendar -

Jack Blackburn:

TheraTraining - Robin Blakes CE classes

Adler Giersh - Massage insurance billing classes for car accidents

AMTA WA - If you are practicing in WA State, you owe that ability to practice mainly to AMTA -WA.  If you are billing insurance in WA State, you owe that ability to AMTA-WA. 

Massage Schools:

Discovery Point Massage School