Deep Tissue Massage in Downtown Seattle

I accept Regence Blue Shield and Premera Blue Cross. Both Companies require that you have a pain condition AND a loss of function. 

That means that you MUST also  have some degree of not being
able to sit, stand, walk, stair climb, lift, work, personal care, drive, or sleep because of or in addition to your pain.

Each has different requirements and benefits that you will need to know and be responsible for. Please read more at these pages: Regence Blue Shield and Premera Blue Cross

ALL Plans require that massage therapy be medically necessary and each plan has their own specific definition of what that means. Check your policy.  Here are some sample definitions of medical necessity.

All insurance claims must have a prescription from your doctor with a diagnosis in order to be processed, no matter what the insurance company says. A prescription is different from a referral.  Some plans will say that you do not need a referral, but you still will need a prescription.  A prescription will provide a diagnosis code and a treatment plan stating the number of sessions the doctor is prescribing and the duration. (Example: 1x a week for 6 weeks)

You will be allowed 6 sessions to be completed without prior-authorization. After that, your insurance requires that I obtain a prior-authorization from a company they have hired called eviCore, before completing more sessions.

Insurance will only cover massage if there is an injury or condition that makes it medically necessary to get a massage.  Medically necessary massage therapy is done once or twice a week depending on the prescription and condition.

It does not cover massage just for stress, anxiety or depression.

It does not cover maintenance or preventative massage. Each insurance company has their own definition of maintenance massage.  I define it as massage therapy done once a month, every three weeks or every other week.  Massage must be done (time allowing) once a week for massage to give the best benefits. I have to show that there is improvement in your condition.

It does not cover soreness due to exercise.

Some of the conditions that massage can help and that your health insurance will cover are:

Use this handy insurance verification form (PDF) if you call your insurance to investigate your massage therapy benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is massage that is applied to the deeper layers of muscle tissue in the body. The goal of deep tissue bodywork is to lengthen the restricted muscles that have to do with posture, balance, alignment and that are causing pain.

Deep tissue massage can help alleviate postural distortions that are often the real cause of pain and injuries. It is great for relieving pain and tension in back, neck and hip muscles. It can help in the recovery from injury or to help prevent injuries. It can be used with some fibromyalgia issues as well as repetitive strain syndromes such as carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet and tennis/golfer's elbow.

When the muscles are tight in certain areas of the body it usually causes some place else to hurt or increases that areas chance of injuries. Most low back pain requires that the muscles of the hips be lengthened. Neck pain responds to having the whole back worked and the hamstrings which influence the length of the muscles in the neck. Everything is connected.

As a good deep tissue therapist, I am able to work with the body and challenge it's limits so that a newer, more relaxed state can be achieved.

At times it can be painful or uncomfortable and it is important to stay in communication with me. We can work together on the muscles and tissue so that the maximum benefits are achieved with the least amount of pain.  The pain is usually an indicator as to how tight the muscles are.   It doesn't actually have to be painful.  There is a ohh it hurts good kinda of pain that is OK to feel in a session.  You don't want to be feeling excruciating pain or be grimacing under your breath. 

Some people say that they have a high tolerance for pain. While that may be true in some way, I think it has more to do with the persons inability to feel what is going on in the body. Sometimes when the tension has been there for a long period of time, the tissue becomes numb. The tightest muscles can often have no feeling in them. When this happens the goal of deep tissue massage is to awaken feeling again so that the muscle will know more what to do as far as how much tension it should hold.

Deep Tissue massage can be used for fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, strains/sprains, back and neck pain and many other conditions and symptoms.

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