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Couples Massage Classes -Downtown Seattle

 Couples Massage Class in Downtown Seattle.

Unique One Massage Therapist for One Couple for Two Hours!

  • 2 hours of instruction
  • oil/lotion sample
  • essential oil sample
  • Guide sheets for home studies
  • Anatomy Chart

Learn how to massage each other - Your spouse, partner, boy friend/girl friend, family members or just friends in a unique individual training session with an experienced massage therapist.

Anyone can learn to massage and everyone should! With the world moving toward a technology based communication system, touch is getting lost. Touch is how we know the difference between where you begin and other start. It is essential in keeping in touch with yourself and with others. This class will teach you how to massage someone in a therapeutic way and help them with their unique stress points.

It is a two hour class where the two people (couples, friends, family members) will be taught how to do a basic back or neck or specific area like foot or hands or whatever is most important for that person. It begins with your massage therapist (Me!) doing a thorough intake and assessment of each persons health and condition of their muscles. You will then be instructed in very basic anatomy and learn which areas to avoid and learn the very basics of massage.

Each 2 hour session will cost $170 per couple (2 people taking the class pay $170)

You will just need to wear comfortable clothing for the class. Everything else will be supplied - Massage Lotion, massage table and sheets.

For continuing your learning at home I suggest you invest in a massage table like this very inexpensive one that you can just buy directly from

BestMassage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table, Have the same table in Black, Burgundy, Pink, Cream, Purple, this is for Burgundy only

While massage can be done on the floor or bed, it is just much easier on everyone involved! It makes massaging each other less stressful on the person doing the massage and more comfortable for the person getting the massage. The massage table is really your tool. You can  use twin sized bed sheets to cover the massage table.

Master Massage 3-Piece Flannel Sheet Set

You will also need basic massage oil or massage lotion and maybe a few pillows. The most basic massage oil is just plain Almond Oil. Another popular massage oil is fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil.

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